Pata Negra Skinka

The Pata Negra Skinka, world renowned gastronomic jewel, especially the kind of quality pure bellota, is the product most valued among hams produced in Spain. It has a great culinary and nutritional value. It is the main product of the culture of the Spanish Iberian Ham. Among its outstanding features can be highlighted:

It is a food that is part of the mediterranean diet. With a low salt content, fat content does not contain bad cholesterol. In addition to an excellent flavor and a subtle scent, provides vitamins B1 and B6, it is rich in protein and promotes the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. 100 grams of Pata Negra only provide 185 calories. Its rich in oleic acid helps to combat cardiovascular disease.

Currently, the most consumed and traded hams are hams the quality Bellota and Cebo. And the more exclusive and expensive hams, which are the best quality and flavor, are the 100% Pure Bellota Hams.

Spanish regions with a long tradition in the development of pata negra hams have created, together with the Ministry of Environment of Spain, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), in order to demand and ckeck than the final product fully meets all quality standards.

In the Pata Negra Ham (skinka) sector there are four Protected Designation of Origin (PDO): Extremadura, Guijuelo, Huelva (Jabugo) y Los Pedroches.

In each and every one of these four Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) there are the following types and qualities of Pata Negra Ham: Bellota (100% Pure Bellota et Bellota), Recebo, Cebo Campo et Cebo.

We guarantee that all products displayed on our catalog complies with all standars for quality and health, allowing in this way offer the highest quality products.

For more information: All about the Pata Negra (Helpful Articles) Pata Negra Wikipedia

Best Sellers:
Le Pata Negra Jambon
2977,50 SEK

Pata Negra Pure Bellota Jabugo Ham, P.D.O. "Huelva". 36 months minimum of drying time. 100% natural. 7,5 Kg to 397,00 SEK/Kg.

Le Pata Negra Jambon
2751,00 SEK

Boneless Ham. Pata Negra Pure Bellota Jabugo Ham, P.D.O. "Huelva". 100% natural. 36 months of drying time. 3,5 Kg to 786,00 SEK/Kg.

Le Pata Negra Jambon
4020,00 SEK

The best pata negra spanish ham, Pata Negra Maldonado Ham. The most awarded in the history. 7,5 Kg to 536,00 SEK/Kg.

Le Pata Negra Jambon
820,00 SEK

Pata Negra First Taste Pack. Authentic Pata Negra accompanied by others spanish iberian products.

Le Pata Negra Jambon
0,00 SEK

Pata Negra 100% Pure Bellota Shoulder, 5J Jabugo "Grand Reserve". 4,5 Kg.

Le Pata Negra Jambon
2375,00 SEK

Includes: Pata Negra Bellota Ham (this ham is not 100% pure bellota), Ham Holder, ham carving knife and DVD of initiation.

Total production of Pata Negra:

13% Certified purebred animals

87% Animals crossed with other breeds

Certified 100% purebred, the authentic, original and of the best quality is the only one we sell.

Video "In Defense of Purebred"
Pata Negra Skinka
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